The Story of a site.

This meeting proved to sudden and at the same time very enjoyable. To us the Editor chatubate called owner-like sites that we knew a long time ago on the Internet and Web Cams chats, but I personally did not know. Surprisingly, this man also came from Russia, if only there doing similar sites, haha! (laugh)

His name is Boris Ubivalov and he came from the Far East (Vladivostok city), by the way, it is a famous site chaterbate. Relative to other website owners Web Cams chat sites Boris is still very young, he had not yet turned 30 years old. Currently, unlike Ivan Petrenko, he lives in Russia, the birthplace of vodka, balalaika and Medevedev and has no plans to move. Explains that for his soul and development necessary nature, forests and endless fields, which are found nowhere else on earth.

The idea chaterbate appeared in school. As you know, porn while not, and on the Web Cam chat could only dream of. Who knew that these dreams will come true, besides himself, Boris?
In addition to creating web chats he enjoys racing rally in his hometown, he often takes part in the races at the wheel of his car, or simply a navigator. And when his car is broken or smashed to the next tree in the corner, Boris just helps at the races and works as a judge. owner


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Make money fast, easy and fun. Chatubate.

If you read the title of this post, it seems that money with chatubat really easy. In fact, it’s not just entertainment, but a real job. And those who earned his first thousand dollars, often leaving their main job, preferring to work in the webcam model chatubate.

First of all you must understand that money, or the language of the chat ubate – tokens, just for a beautiful body will not pay. More precisely, you will give them, but very little, you will sit for hours in front of the camera, in anticipation of large amounts and be disappointed. You must enjoy public interest her, to make sure that they want to communicate with you, to give tokens and other nice things. Let’s look at an example of our favorite models Caylin as necessary to act, to get the maximum number of tokens.

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Chatubate accounts. Are all true?

Not once noticed how users chatubate apply to models. They love them, love, willing to meet again and again. But not everyone is wondering. And is it really, models came here by yourself? Perhaps he invited them chatubate. Unfortunately, when we interviewed Ivan – creator chatubate, we forgot about the issue and could not ask it.

But we have conducted their own investigation into the matter and we have got an opinion. In our opinion, not all models have come to the site voluntarily, some are hired workers of the organization. This is indicated by a few points. Firstly, where the models are so beautiful profiles and many beautiful photos, very nice web cam? Secondly, where they are well prepared for the shooting, with different tools?

We hope that all is not as it seems, otherwise it turns out that we are considered for fools. Fortunately, among the wage models, there are ordinary people who do not mind paying tokens. In the next post we will tell you who to chatubate be trusted.

Second chatubat news – Ivan until someone is not available, we will continue to talk about the new developments in the field of Web Cams industry.
We personally spoke with the developer chatubate – Peter Ivanko from Russia.

He told us that his fate was not easy. Born in Siberia, in the remote village, he tried to develop on its own and was looking for ways to self-development. Peter graduated 11 classes of primary school and enrolled in college at the developer of rocket engines for intercontinental ballistic missiles. Yes, most of those missiles that are ready at any moment to deliver tons of nuclear explosives from Russia to the United States. Putting it another engine, he came to the conclusion that it was not his meaning of life and it is capable of more. Once, on TV, he saw a computer. By all means, Ivan decided to get the computer home. He sold three cows, two haystacks and 12 sheep. Fortunately, enough money, so Ivan got a computer.

Internet in the Siberian village was not, and Ivan had to move to Krasnoyarsk in search of the Internet. Living in Krasnoyarsk, he understands that the future of the Internet and begins to develop a website in web camera. The first versions were ugly and scare any visitor, but with the help of his girlfriend Lena, who was a designer, he was able to bring the site to a decent first chatubate mind. One winter evening in his e-mail invitation came from the United States by Lucy Torvalds, she invited him to come to work. So Ivan was in the United States, where he was given $ 2 million to the continued development of chatubate. A month later project joined about 50 people. This and programmers, and designers and many others. Everyone wanted to work on this unique project. And six months later came to light that chatubat that we see now.

Ivan said that in the future we will have even more live in HD picture quality and a lot of new chips. Ivan dreams that chatubate has become the world to know about it all the inhabitants of the planet. This will help to bring happiness to the entire planet.

Websites clones chatubate

Today we were a little disappointed with what is happening on the Internet. There was a lot of clones of our favorite chatubate. Along with concepts such as chat ubait, chat u bait, chaterbat and chatubait appeared as We tried to contact the owners of this site, but he did not want to talk to us.

Why it upsets us? Because people are looking for the right chatubate them with beautiful girls and sex come to the site with advertising penis enlargement and other unpleasant banners.

We hope that in the future, this problem will be solved and users will not come to the site clones. If you get to one of these sites – please write to us about it by e-mail.

See you soon!

Chatubat Best of the Best

One of the surprises of Free Web Cam chat chatubate turned held in early 2015. Competition for the best model and the best user of the site. The contest is called the best of the best versions chatubat.

chatubate best

Nomination for the best model, as we said already won Caylin, but the question is open to users. The problem is that a lot of users and each of them can be the best. Everyone is trying to show their best side, and spend as money and tokens, which is the leading problem for the judges of the competition. Yesterday was the leader Andrey335, and everyone thought he would win. But Lutsiy999 spent the day more than 3,000 dollars, and immediately became the leader of the competition.

Unfortunately, the judge can not award him the title of best chatubate user because he was active for two days. To win the contest you must be active during the month. And for the complete victory of the year and more. Good luck to all fans chatubate and hope to see everyone in the prize-winners! All chat u bat and chatubait!

Ideas for 2015

We spoke with the editor chatubate and found some ideas await us in the coming year.

First of all, this new evaluation system for rating. There will be no markups and counterfeit tokens. If earlier, the new model could rely only on a place in the bottom of the page, leaving room for old stars. Now, the situation will change dramatically, and beginners can be leaders. Of course, for this they will have to work hard, bringing pleasure to the spectators, but another is not got no money.

In this announcement we break, leaving the most interesting news for future posts in which you will learn a lot from the life of your favorite Web Cam Chat.

See you soon!

Best model chatubate 2015

Our company has carried out studies to identify the best model. The best model was unanimously Caylin.

This beautiful girl has become the leader of our hit parade and won all of its competitors. Its most important quality is the perfect body with great tits. But just to have a beautiful body is not enough to win, Caylin talented actress.

caylin chatubate

It is thanks to his ability to dance beautifully on webcam thousands of users chatubate watching her every day. We interviewed Caylin and found that chatubate for her not just entertainment and dating place, but full time. It turned out that she was doing just that. But it is enough for a full life, otherwise it is about a housewife and mother of two children.

How did she manage to remain an exemplary wife and be a model? This will be discussed in the following posts.

Chatubate token generator. Myth or truth?

December 14 2014 clashofclans hack team announced its chatubate token generator.

Us, it was very surprised, and we decided to conduct its own investigation to find out what it is. We started with a search in Google, we introduced different combinations, such as chatubate hack, chatubate free tokens, chatubat token generator and more.

chatubate token generator

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