Second chatubat news – Ivan until someone is not available, we will continue to talk about the new developments in the field of Web Cams industry.
We personally spoke with the developer chatubate – Peter Ivanko from Russia.

He told us that his fate was not easy. Born in Siberia, in the remote village, he tried to develop on its own and was looking for ways to self-development. Peter graduated 11 classes of primary school and enrolled in college at the developer of rocket engines for intercontinental ballistic missiles. Yes, most of those missiles that are ready at any moment to deliver tons of nuclear explosives from Russia to the United States. Putting it another engine, he came to the conclusion that it was not his meaning of life and it is capable of more. Once, on TV, he saw a computer. By all means, Ivan decided to get the computer home. He sold three cows, two haystacks and 12 sheep. Fortunately, enough money, so Ivan got a computer.

Internet in the Siberian village was not, and Ivan had to move to Krasnoyarsk in search of the Internet. Living in Krasnoyarsk, he understands that the future of the Internet and begins to develop a website in web camera. The first versions were ugly and scare any visitor, but with the help of his girlfriend Lena, who was a designer, he was able to bring the site to a decent first chatubate mind. One winter evening in his e-mail invitation came from the United States by Lucy Torvalds, she invited him to come to work. So Ivan was in the United States, where he was given $ 2 million to the continued development of chatubate. A month later project joined about 50 people. This and programmers, and designers and many others. Everyone wanted to work on this unique project. And six months later came to light that chatubat that we see now.

Ivan said that in the future we will have even more live in HD picture quality and a lot of new chips. Ivan dreams that chatubate has become the world to know about it all the inhabitants of the planet. This will help to bring happiness to the entire planet.

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