Chatubate news 2018

Hello! Were bored? For a long time we have’nt seen each other and talked about chatubate. Meanwhile, there was a lot of news in the environment of bongocams and webcams. We will tell you a little about them.


Last time earnings from work webcams of models became more low. Experts attribute this to the fact that customers have already seen everything. It’s hard to surprise them and you have to come up with new ways. But unlike most sites, chatubate is not affected, because they have their own engine for working with customers.

You ask why so? After all, everyone knows that the sites are all the same. No, in fact, all sites are very different from each other. Chatubate has such a strong and powerful engine that no one has questions about how we manage to get new customers so well. For the 2nd and 3rd quarters, there are planned innovations, which will affect all accounts. Be prepared for the fact that you will have new opportunities to communicate with the models.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comments, we will definitely answer them. Over the past year, we received more than 10,000 feedbacks and suggestions, some of which we introduced and implemented on our system.

Thanks for the work, your team chatubate.

Chaturebate Live Sex Chat

Hi! longing for a new record? We too!

Therefore, today we have prepared interesting news for you. Our movement is called chatubat continues to grow farther and farther. We have received many letters asking to make a new site. The old site did not suit users for various reasons. This is a problem with the connection of web cameras and complaints about bad behavior in chat. We are tired to deal with it and made a decisive step forward!

Meet, chaturebate. The new interface of site allows you to watch more windows with web cameras and models. If you like the idea of sex chat chaturebate leave an application for registration to our manager on Skype. He will answer all your questions and register you.

We also open up the mirror of your favorite sex chat at Unfortunately, we are currently unable to negotiate with providers to provide high-speed communication lines. But when will link our webcam will show you 10 times more models and sex under the same standards. But when will link our webcam will show you 10 times more models and sex under the same standards.

Join chaturebate and leave your comments. Bye!

New chatubate whitelabel site

Hi! New nice news for you, we made a new site. The site is a popular name chatubate. We have added many new features, for example, plugging your webcam camera online. To register on the site, send us a mail with your contact details, we will contact you.


Now you can add other users to friends directly from the IM window. Chatubate If you do not like what that user, you can add it to the banned list and block him.

Please use only real photos! If we learn that a fake profile pictures are used, we need to introduce moderation. In this case, registration of new users in chatubate may be delayed for a week!

Chatubate – site about sex

The “Chatubate” site is proud to welcome you to the world of most pleasant live sex chats with hottest girls from all over the world. On our site you are going to enjoy spending time and having naughty adult webcam chats. Chatubate is doing its best to provide truly qualitative service in webcam sex chat industry to its users and same is to its members.
At “Chatubate” the consumers will find endless list of live webcam chat models. To make easily find the model in such long list we sort them by categories. For example if you like to have online webcam sex with beautiful lush girl, check out “plump webcam chicks” category, if you hotly excite from blonde babes click on “blondes” section. On this site the pleasure of sex webcam chat with live models is available to anyone older eighteen years old, and it does not meter if it is guy or girl. Here we got sexy shaped guy models as well as steaming hot girl models. So if some ladies get lonely and want to have a chat with some nice guy it is easy to do on chatubate.

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Our new competitor

Hi! long time no see. Lately our site there are many competitors. As before, we write letters to our friends from around the world.

We promise that our site will not be worse than the others, and we will monitor developments.Now we will tell you about the two sites that create problems for us. This site – a parody of our present site.

The first site – it’s the fake chatubate in fact there is nothing interesting, so let’s move on to the second site.

The second site has the most similar to our favorite site, but there are many differences, thanks to which we find it uninteresting. This

Chatubate fail?

Hey, what’s happening?

Google has blocked chatubate and it seems a long time. We tried to contact with Ivan, but failed. We think that it is related somehow to the activities of the Web Cam chat in Russian. Tokens are no longer converted to real money and is also puzzled us, think how to solve the problem.

Dear users, if you have an idea how to help chatubate send your letter to our address.

See you soon!

Alternative chatubate – bongocam

We know chatubate, but there are other Web Cams chats. They all differ from each other and the system design.  Chatubate a familiar web chat, bongo cams anchovies is a novelty, so the quality of the chat at a low level. We liked that Bongocams allows you to conveniently chat with your mobile phone. We tested this live chat on iPhone, HTC one, LG nexus and many others. At all these sites bongo displayed great!

Unfortunately, chatubate is very inconvenient for users of mobile phones. Continue reading Alternative chatubate – bongocam The Story of a site.

This meeting proved to sudden and at the same time very enjoyable. To us the Editor chatubate called owner-like sites that we knew a long time ago on the Internet and Web Cams chats, but I personally did not know. Surprisingly, this man also came from Russia, if only there doing similar sites, haha! (laugh)

His name is Boris Ubivalov and he came from the Far East (Vladivostok city), by the way, it is a famous site chaterbate. Relative to other website owners Web Cams chat sites Boris is still very young, he had not yet turned 30 years old. Currently, unlike Ivan Petrenko, he lives in Russia, the birthplace of vodka, balalaika and Medevedev and has no plans to move. Explains that for his soul and development necessary nature, forests and endless fields, which are found nowhere else on earth.

The idea chaterbate appeared in school. As you know, porn while not, and on the Web Cam chat could only dream of. Who knew that these dreams will come true, besides himself, Boris?
In addition to creating web chats he enjoys racing rally in his hometown, he often takes part in the races at the wheel of his car, or simply a navigator. And when his car is broken or smashed to the next tree in the corner, Boris just helps at the races and works as a judge. owner


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Make money fast, easy and fun. Chatubate.

If you read the title of this post, it seems that money with chatubat really easy. In fact, it’s not just entertainment, but a real job. And those who earned his first thousand dollars, often leaving their main job, preferring to work in the webcam model chatubate.

First of all you must understand that money, or the language of the chat ubate – tokens, just for a beautiful body will not pay. More precisely, you will give them, but very little, you will sit for hours in front of the camera, in anticipation of large amounts and be disappointed. You must enjoy public interest her, to make sure that they want to communicate with you, to give tokens and other nice things. Let’s look at an example of our favorite models Caylin as necessary to act, to get the maximum number of tokens.

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