New chatubate whitelabel site

Hi! New nice news for you, we made a new site. The site is a popular name chatubate. We have added many new features, for example, plugging your webcam camera online. To register on the site, send us a mail with your contact details, we will contact you.


Now you can add other users to friends directly from the IM window. Chatubate If you do not like what that user, you can add it to the banned list and block him.

Please use only real photos! If we learn that a fake profile pictures are used, we need to introduce moderation. In this case, registration of new users in chatubate may be delayed for a week!

Alternative chatubate – bongocam

We know chatubate, but there are other Web Cams chats. They all differ from each other and the system design.  Chatubate a familiar web chat, bongo cams anchovies is a novelty, so the quality of the chat at a low level. We liked that Bongocams allows you to conveniently chat with your mobile phone. We tested this live chat on iPhone, HTC one, LG nexus and many others. At all these sites bongo displayed great!

Unfortunately, chatubate is very inconvenient for users of mobile phones. Continue reading Alternative chatubate – bongocam