Make money fast, easy and fun. Chatubate.

If you read the title of this post, it seems that money with chatubat really easy. In fact, it’s not just entertainment, but a real job. And those who earned his first thousand dollars, often leaving their main job, preferring to work in the webcam model chatubate.

First of all you must understand that money, or the language of the chat ubate – tokens, just for a beautiful body will not pay. More precisely, you will give them, but very little, you will sit for hours in front of the camera, in anticipation of large amounts and be disappointed. You must enjoy public interest her, to make sure that they want to communicate with you, to give tokens and other nice things. Let’s look at an example of our favorite models Caylin as necessary to act, to get the maximum number of tokens.

chatubate chat

Judging from the chat chatubate, we see a replica of enthusiastic spectators. They want to see it, they like it, they admire it and are willing to spend hours near the monitor, only to watch as she gracefully controlled her body. Perhaps beginners should learn from it. What do you think when starting a chat, she immediately takes off her clothes? Of course not! At the beginning she is dressed, fun, and listen to your favorite music, nothing gives her real thoughts. And to see her without clothes viewers chatubate paying tokens should their desires to undress her, taking off her for one thing. A state where there is Caylin clothing can last for hours! during those hours she earns a month of food, clothing, cover petrol, hiking children to school and stays nice gifts for Christmas!

And when the audience will spend thousands of dollars on something that she undressed begins hottest! Now, tokens must not pay for it, to strip, but for to see how she performs live your deepest desires and dirty! And the most interesting thing is that these desires are expensive, very expensive! Now you begin to understand what’s her secret? On the one hand earn chatubate very simple, on the other hand is an art with its own rules, which can not be violated.

Brief summary. In order to successfully earn a chatubat should:
– Be in the form
– Do not rush to undress
– To interest viewers
– To play with the audience
– Do not undress and not the desires of cheap.
– Be patient, because you do not get out immediately become the top, will first be set for a long time favorite of viewers.

Perhaps this is the main secrets that will allow you to earn money with the first chatubate. Further secrets and news we will tell you in the next post, see you soon!

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