Chatubate token generator. Myth or truth?

December 14 2014 clashofclans hack team announced its chatubate token generator.

Us, it was very surprised, and we decided to conduct its own investigation to find out what it is. We started with a search in Google, we introduced different combinations, such as chatubate hack, chatubate free tokens, chatubat token generator and more.

chatubate token generator

Unfortunately for us, instead of the token generator, we ran into a lot of sites, due to which we were able to infect our computer viruses. Under the guise of an application that will provide us with free tokens, we are invited to download, unpack the archive and run on our computer application that actually install viruses.

Our computer is saved only by what has been installed antivirus that time responded to the files with viruses. Under the guise of a noble application that will provide you with a free Christmas chatubat tokens and allow you to repay their favorite models. You get malicious program. We conducted an investigation and found that the activation of this program, you must enter your username and password from chatubate.

After entering the user name and password, the program offers to wait a few hours and promises that your account will be lots of tokens. Most naive users chatubat not thinking introduce their data in the hope of a free. We have something you know that can only be free cheese in a mousetrap.

Instead, the program stealing tokens from our own and sends them chatubat special model, which displays the tokens in the form of real money (USD). Basically, most of the developers is the sum of these evil programs, a small part of the same model leave themselves.

Be a model chatubate – hard work, not enough just to undress in front of a huge audience in front of your webcam. It is an art, the art of making money. So do not get fooled by the hype and promise of free money. Be honest and you will get a real kick out of this site. By the way, in one of the following posts we will tell you how to become a model chatubat and earn their money first.



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